Professional Translation Services

At TRANSLIFE, we only use mother tongue or native translators possessing professional certificates or qualifications in the area of your industry. All translators will only translate into their native languages, and they fully understand their own translation work in terms of technical terminologies and strive to deliver translation which can 100% satisfy you. 


Small projects normally involve a team consisting of a translator and a QA manager, while large projects involve one or several teams of translators with a Project Manager, a DTP Specialist joining the team(s), as this procedure is part of our Quality Control Process.


We definitely have the capacity to deliver big and sophisticated projects within the shortest possible turnaround time. This is the reason that DHL, P&G, Broadcom, HRDF, etc. engage us as their translation service provider, because they do not need to worry about the punctual delivery of a quality job once they start engaging us. 


When it comes to translation, our work mainly involves translating English and other major European languages into Chinese and other major Asian languages or VICA VERSA or CRISS-CROSS. With the support of translators over 80 plus languages, you can truly entrust us to do all the translation work for you. 


As for specialities, we focus on 7 specialized areas including:

1. Financial Translation

2. Legal Translation

3. Life Science Translation

4. Technical Translation

5. Business Translation

6. Shipping/Oil & Gas Translation

7. Literary Translation 


Our translation services in the past have included such documents as:

Movie/Drama Scripts, Business Letters, Certificates, Official Documents, Contracts, Agreements, Manuals, Leaflets, Catalogues, Brochures, Company Profiles, Websites, Movie Subtitles, Books, Corporate Videos, etc. 


All translation materials received are treated with great as your “PRIVACY & CONFIDENTIALITY” is our first priority. We may sign Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if required so.  


Asian Languages:

Japanese | Mandarin | English | Bahasa Malaysia | Vietnamese | Korean | Thai | Tamil | Hindi | Burmese | Bahasa Indonesia | Laotian | Tagalog | Cambodian | Sinhala | Urdu | Mongolian | Cantonese | Others 


Other Languages: 

Spanish | French | German | Russian | Swahili | Italian | Polish | Dutch | Portuguese | Persian | Arabic | Hungarian | Others

how to get certified translation?

TRANSLIFE can produce true, complete and accurate translations recommended for certification and authentication. Apart from the authenticity of our translations, our fast turnaround time, competitive prices and excellent customer service are reasons why we are the trusted team when it comes to certified document translation services.


Here is how you can get certified translation services with us: 


1. Identify which documents are required for translation 


2. Send a copy of the document to us via our email i.e. or you can upload the document via our website


3. Our consultants will review your documents. Based on the purpose of the certified translation, our consultants will make their recommendation and a quotation with the estimated turnaround time will be provided


4. We will commence the translation process once you confirm to engage our company for the certified translation


5. Once the translation is ready, we will allow you to review it before certifying it


6. When the translation has been confirmed, we will go ahead with the certification


7. If a Notarization is required, we will recommend a Notary Public you can go to. We may also assist you hand by hand if you need our help.


It is common that you may have many questions you want to ask about certified translation. Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions.