Professional Interpreting Services

TRANSLIFE is a renowned interpreting services provider based in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. We are the specialist in offering on-site interpreting services and conference interpreting services. A lot of people get confused between "translation and "interpretation" and they tend to misunderstand interpretation as translation. Translation generally refers to written translation while interpretation refers to oral or verbal translation


Not only based in Kuala Lumpur (KL) or Klang Valley region, our interpreters also travel to others regions in Malaysia such as Penang, Johor, Ipoh, Kuantan and other states. Upon request, our interpreters may also travel to overseas as near as Singapore or as far as Japan


We offer the most cost-effective language interpreting solutions. People communicate on a regular basis but if language becomes a barrier in communication, then we are here to help you in an efficient and cost-effective manner. To understand a certain language and be understood in your language, you will demand the services of a skilled interpreter who will get your job done for you. We provide services of such skilled interpreters who effectively provide interpreting services to corporations, associations, individuals, government and private offices. Some of the major languages we cover include languages like Chinese, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, Japanese, Korean, French and other languages available upon requests. 


Conferences | Seminars | Forums | Exhibitions | Conventions | Business Meetings | Press Conferences | Official Visits | Launching Events | Corporate Trainings | Court Proceedings | Venue Visit | Individual Escort 


  • Academic Symposium Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Panel Discussion Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Seminar, Workshop Consecutive & Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Forum Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Corporate Presentation Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Opening / Launching event Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Investors Meeting Consecutive & Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Meeting with Government Consecutive Interpretation
  • Press Conference Consecutive Interpretation
  • In-house Training Consecutive Interpretation
  • Factory Tour Consecutive Interpretation
  • Lunch/Dinner Reception Consecutive Interpretation
  • Board Meeting Consecutive & Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Sales Meeting Consecutive Interpretation
  • Business Negotiation (Mergers & Acquisition, partnership etc.) Consecutive Interpretation
  • Internal/External Audit, ISO, etc. Consecutive Interpretation
  • Research and Exchange of View on Markets Consecutive Interpretation
  • Focus Group Discussion Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Market Research Consecutive Interpretation
  • Production Line Setup in Factory Consecutive Interpretation
  • Visit to Government Agencies, Airport, Schools and Universities Consecutive Interpretation

CATEGORY of interpretation SErVICES

1. Consecutive Interpreting Services (Consecutive Translation)

Consecutive interpreting is the most commonly used interpreting services, where your speaker delivers a few sentences and then stops in order to allow the consecutive interpreter to translate what has been said into another target language.


On-site consecutive interpreting is suitable for one-on-one or small group meetings, such as seminars, interviews, business meetings, medical consultation, marriage registration, press releases, training sessions, court hearing, etc. or even whispering to an audience in a conference.


As such interpreting is not performed in real time and does not require any special equipments, it is considerably cheaper than that of simultaneous interpreting.


2. Simultaneous Interpreting Services (Simultaneous Translation)

Simultaneous Interpreting is, as the name suggests, when the interpreters’ translation is delivered at the same time with what is said by your speaker. Simultaneous interpreting generally takes place in formal international conferences.


When providing simultaneous interpreting service, the interpreters (two for one language pair are recommended) would sit in a soundproof interpreter booth working in turn, transmitting their translation to audiences through audio transmission equipment.


As simultaneous interpreting is done real time, interpreters must translate right the first time. As such, it requires the highest level of interpreting skill and fastest speed of response. For your assurance, all our simultaneous interpreters have a minimum of 5 years professional experience and most of them have in-depth knowledge in their chosen fields, such as legal, medical, life science, IT, banking or finance. On top of that, we will only allow native speakers to interpret for you to ensure your audiences are 100% satisfied with our interpreting service.  


  • English to Chinese Interpreter service (Mandarin Interpreter) or vice versa
  • Malay to Chinese Interpreter service or vice versa
  • English to Malay Interpreter service or vice versa
  • English to Japanese Interpreter service or vice versa
  • Chinese to Japanese Interpreter service or vice versa
  • Malay to Japanese Interpreter service or vice versa
  • English to Korean Interpreter service or vice versa
  • Chinese to Korean Interpreter service or vice versa
  • Malay to Korean Interpreter service or vice versa
  • English to Russian Interpreter service or vice versa
  • English to Arabic interpreter service or vice versa
  • English to Thai interpreter service or vice versa
  • English to Indonesian interpreter service or vice versa
  • English to Tagalog interpreter service or vice versa
  • English to Vietnamese interpreter service or vice versa
  • English to Nepali interpreter service or vice versa
  • English to Bengali interpreter service or vice versa
  • English to French interpreter service or vice versa
  • English to Spanish interpreter service or vice versa
  • English to Burmese interpreter service or vice versa
  • English to Hindi interpreter service or vice versa
  • English to Mongolian interpreter service or vice versa

Many more interpreting language pairs available upon request!

Price rate / fee / cost of engaging an interpreter

Different from engaging an amateur interpreter, the cost of engaging a professional interpreter is not cheap or rather expensive. In order to get an accurate quotation, it's important to first determine the type of interpretation service you need then followed by the length of period. 


In general, Consecutive Interpretation service is lower in cost as the skills and experiences required are not as much as simultaneous interpretation. For exhibition or trade fairs, beginner interpreters most of the times are sufficient to handle the situation. If the level of interpreting requirements escalates to VIP business meetings or press conference, you would need experienced interpreter to assist you. In this case, opting for an inexperienced low cost interpreter might cause chaos. Remember that price always equals to quality. 


For Simultaneous Interpretation, undoubtedly the highest level interpreters are required. The interpreters who can handle simultaneous interpretation must have gone through years of interpretation in different fields, industries and settings. What's more important is you need to engage interpreters who have similar technical background to to interpret. For example, if there is a medical conference and you engage interpreters who studied arts, the interpreters may be able to interpret word to word but the essences or contexts of the information may not be understood properly by the audience. If TRANSLIFE were allowed to advise, we would advise that choosing interpreters who have similar technical background is a must. Also, for Simultaneous Interpretation, two pax of interpreters are required. The reason is the interpreter will lose his focus after interpreting non-stop for few hours. The overall quality of interpretation will be affected as a result. Do not try to save the cost by trying to engage only one interpreter. It's highly recommended that you engage native speakers of the target language. If your audience are Japanese, then please engage native Japanese interpreters instead of Malaysian Japanese interpreters. You want your audience to listen to pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary and expressions they are used to.


So how do TRANSLIFE charge? Our pricing structure can be categorised as below:

  1. Rate per hour
  2. Rate per half day (Up to 4 hours)
  3. Rate per full day (Up to 8 hours)
  4. Rate per diem (24 hours, mostly outstation)

Most of the interpreters will not charge hourly for on-site interpretation. He or she needs to travel to a certain location in order to perform his or her duties. The travelling time in fact takes up quite a huge portion of the time spent. Considering that, the interpreter cannot take up other offers such as half a day interpretation service request. Hence, the minimum charges TRANSLIFE charge to our clients are based on half-day rate. If the interpreting service required is longer than 4 hours, a full day rate will be charged. A full day 8 hour service means the interpreter will interpret for 7 hours and rest for 1 hour. If the interpreter is required to travel outstation, we will charge per diem. It means the total payment to the interpreter shall include the compensation not only for the actual interpreting hours but also the time spent on travelling and overnight stay.