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TRANSLIFE, a leading translation company based in Kuala Lumpur (KL), have been providing interpreting services & certified translation services to thousands of clients since year 2005. We have the best professional experienced interpreters & certified translators of 80 over languages such as Japanese, Korean, Malay, Chinese (Mandarin), English, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian, Arabic, French, Tamil, etc. Our vast experiences in the translation services field and our quality translation services at best pricing in the market have made us the most trusted interpreting services & translation services provider by our dear clients. 


From translating documents, books, magazines, brochures, website, software systems, mobile applications, video subtitles to movie scripts, our certified professional translators based in Malaysia as well as throughout the world are ready to provide the best translation services to you! Get your translation done FAST, ACCURATELY, TIMELY at THE BEST PRICE IN THE MARKET. 


TRANSLIFE, as No.1 Premium Translation Agency in Malaysia also provide world-class interpretation services (verbal translation services) to you. Our professional interpreter team consists of both local and overseas native interpreters who have interpreted for numerous events such international conferences, academic forums, corporate seminars, business talks and all sorts of official events. No matter you are individuals, professionals, SMEs, big corporations, MNCs, government agencies, NGOs or NPOs, as long as you are looking for the best interpretation services in the market, we are committed to deliver the best interpretation services to you. 


Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority!

Translation ServiceS IN 100 LaNGUAGES

Professional Translation Services

Translate any languages such as English | Chinese | Mandarin | Malay | Arabic | Japanese | Korean | Tamil | Hindi | Russian | Thai | Vietnamese | Cantonese | Hokkien | French | German | Spanish | Portuguese | Mongolian | Dutch | Urdu | Tagalog | Sinhala | Bahasa | Indonesian | Burmese | Cambodian | Lao | Swahili | Italian | Turkish | Finnish | Greek | Danish etc.

Our MAJOR clients



NON-CERTIFIED & CERTIFIED Translation services

What kind of translation services do you need? Our translation company with a team of 900,000 plus translators covering 80 plus languages are ready to fulfil your requests. Even you are not from Malaysia and you may be based in elsewhere in the world, we are still able to provide our translation services to you online. We promise you a FAST, ACCURATE, TIMELY translation service at THE BEST PRICE IN THE MARKET.


Our qualified certified translators are capable of handling very technical translations regarding cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, standard operating procedures, company manuals, oil & gas industry equipments, medical devices, pharmaceutical drugs, software or hardware systems, mobile applications, legal agreements, intellectual properties, corporate websites, information technologies and massive range of technical fields. Other the technical translation, we also provide certified translation services which can be accepted by the government agencies or overseas official institutes like Immigration Department of Malaysia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Foreign Embassies in Malaysia, Courts in Malaysia, and overseas universities or institutes.


Our dedicated experienced technical translators can translate any topics regarding patent, trademark, copyright, medical, pharmaceutical, engineering, science research, cryptocurrency, blockchain whitepaper, finance, accounting, etc.

Certified translation service in Malaysia recognized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) & foreign embassies. We offer assistance to get certification by Notary Public & endorsement by MOFA too.

Any forms of legal documents, contracts or agreements can be translated. Fast, accurate and on time translation service! We can sign Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you to protect the confidentiality. 

TRANSLIFE's software translations experts can translate softwares for Internet of Things (IOT), computers or machines. We can help you to localize the contents to any countries you wish to penetrate!

Translation of your mobile apps into multiple languages are extremely important to target your audiences around the world. Not only Malay, Chinese and English of Malaysia, we have teams from different countries to handle your project.

From Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ads, Social Media Management to copywriting of your website texts, our translators are expert in producing translation masterpiece that will sell your company stories, products and services effectively to your audiences. 

In Malaysia where there are many foreign workers working across different fields and industries, you definitely need to translate your hand books, safety & training materials into their native languages like Nepali, Hindi, Bengali, Burmese, Vietnamese, etc. to avoid miscommunication.

Translate any videos from one language to another language fast and easy with TRANSLIFE. If you need the transcription of the original audio, tell us. If you need to create subtitles, tell us. If you need voice-over or dubbing, tell us too! A truly one stop service. 

TRANSLIFE provide translation that sells. Tell us exactly your requirements such as target audiences, localization properties, technicality, etc. Allow our team to assist you to sell your messages effectively via effective translation. 

Fields of Translation services

Our translation services covers the following areas/industries: 

TECHNOLOGY - Household appliances, Audio and visual technology, Vehicles and mechanical engineering, Electronics, energetics, Heavy machinery, Building materials and tools, Heat pumps, Medical equipment, Agricultural equipment, Safety instructions for equipment, Pharmaceutical Reports

LAW - Contracts and letters of authorisation, Laws and regulations, Court judgments, Applications and certificates, Notarial deeds, Business Agreements

ECONOMY AND BANKING - Annual reports, Accounting documents, Insurance documents, Real estate documents, Procurement documents, Overviews of economic surveys, Articles in the given field

MISCELLANEOUS - Tourism texts, Marketing and advertising texts, Websites, Training course materials, Product descriptions, Final theses, Gastronomy, Sports and leisure time


On-Site Interpretation

Interpreters are available at your chosen venue to interpret for one-on-one or small group meetings conducting medical interpretation or business interpretation. Our interpreters make sure that both parties can communicate their message effectively and accurately without any misunderstanding. 


Conference Interpretation

For meetings with larger and formal settings e.g. blockchain technology conferences, simultaneous interpretation is required to translate proceedings simultaneously for the audiences while the speakers are speaking. Simultaneous interpretation will ensure the audiences understand the speeches without interrupting the speakers.


Telephone Interpretation

A simple yet cost-effective way to communicate with business partners overseas is with an interpreter-assisted conference call. The interpreter can work remotely via telephone or — an even more cost-effective option — via Voice-over-Internet services such as Skype. This option is also good for an adhoc or urgent need of interpretation without prior arrangement. 


Cultural Interpretation

Interpreters can accompany your overseas visitors on sightseeing or cultural excursions. They can help to explain the sights to your foreign visitors in the native language, helping your guests to have a more fulfilled experience - the perfect end to a successful business trip.


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TRANSLIFE is one of the few translation companies in Malaysia which can provide a full set of interpreting equipments for rental purposes to support your conference which normally comes with wireless receivers, transmitters, and interpreter booth. If you don't know how to arrange for your conference such as the number of interpreters to engage, the number of booths required, the kind of transmission systems needed and etc, please consult our TRANSLIFE customer service. We shall do our best to help you to plan and run your events at the most COST EFFECTIVE settings! Our technical team will be stationed to assist you during the event. 


TRANSLIFE - Your One Stop Translation Agency


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1. How do you get Certified Translation Services?

TRANSLIFE can produce true, complete and accurate translations recommended for certification and authentication. Apart from the authenticity of our certified translations, our fast turnaround time, competitive prices and excellent customer service are reasons why we are the trusted team when it comes to certified translation services.


Here is how you can get certified translation services with us: 


1. Identify which documents are required for certified translation


2. Send a copy of the document to us via our email i.e. or you can upload the document via our website


3. Our consultants will review your documents. Based on the purpose of the certified translation, our consultants will make their recommendation and a quotation with the estimated turnaround time will be provided


4. We will commence the translation process once you confirm to engage our company for the certified translation


5. Once the translation is ready, we will allow you to review it before certifying it


6. When the translation has been confirmed, we will go ahead with the certification


7. If a Notarization is required, we will recommend a Notary Public you can go to. We may also assist you hand by hand if you need our help.


It is common that you may have many questions you want to ask about certified translation. Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions. 

2. Certified translation services price / Fees / rate / charges

It depends heavily on the types of certified translation services you need. We highly recommend you to get the specifications from the party you are going to submit the certified translation documents. Few common specifications are like: 

  • The translated documents must be certified by ITBM (Malaysian Institute of Translation & Books) or MTA (Malaysian Translators Association)
  • The certified translation needs to be notarized by Notary Public 
  • The certified translation needs to be endorsed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

The list of requirements may go on. Hence, before you submit the documents for certified translation, it's highly recommended that you check out the requirements in detail. 


Based on the requirements above, we will then quote you accordingly. Our rate starts from RM150 per page. Each 200 word will be counted as 1 page. If you have 1000 words, then the total number of pages is 5 pages instead of just 1 page. The total cost is RM150 x 5 = RM750. This is a basic guideline for commonly used languages in Malaysia which are Malay, Chinese, English and Arabic. However for other foreign languages like French, Russian, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, etc, the rate per page will be higher due to the limited availability of certified translators in Malaysia. 


Please feel free to email the scanned copies of the original documents to or fill in the inquiry form by uploading your scanned documents. We will then give you a final fee. 


Lastly, please do not simply request for certified translation services from any translation companies or translation agencies just because they offer super cheap prices. If the documents end up not being accepted by the government agencies or embassies, the cost of reengaging the certified translation services will be very expensive.

3. How can I oRder your interpreting services / translation services?

You do not have to bring original translation documents to our office or have discussion with us face to face about the interpreting services you need. Any details of interpreting services or translation services can be discussed and confirmed online to save cost and time. If you really need to meet up with us, we still can arrange a meetup at our office or at your office. 


For TRANSLATION SERVICES requests, you can get a quotation from us in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Scan or take a good picture of your documents using a smart device

Step 2: Email the documents to together with your specifications or upload the translation documents via our inquiry form below

Step 3: You will get a translation quotation with total translation fee and required translation turnaround time stated within 24 hours 

Step 4: Once you confirm to translate, we will start translating and deliver to you by the delivery date by either email or courier


For INTERPRETING SERVICES requests, you can get a quotation from us in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Email your requirements of interpreting services to or fill the inquiry form below. A phone call is welcome as well.

Step 2: You will get a quotation for our interpreting services with a total fee within 24 hours 

Step 3: Once you confirm to engage our interpreting services, we will start arranging the necessary interpreters and/or the interpreting equipments accordingly 

4. Which language interpreter do i need to engage?

Every year thousands of both local and foreign companies engage professional interpreting services to assist them in interpreting for their market researches, business meetings or conferences. However, many find it difficult to determine which language pairs are suitable. What kind of languages do the interpreters need to speak?


In Malaysia, due to her education system, most of the people who graduate from high school should be able to speak English and Malay. In most of business deals, as long as the interpreters you engage are able to speak either Malay or English, you should be able to communicate with your clients or suppliers.


However, there are some special cases where you need to decide a specific language interpreter. For example, if you need to have meeting with some Chinese business owners who can only speak Mandarin, you would need to engage a Chinese/Mandarin interpreter. If you need to do market research in Malay residential area, then you need to engage a Malay interpreter. The same applies to other residential areas populated by mostly Chinese or Indian people. 


If you do not know which language interpreter you need to engage, kindly talk to our consultant and we will advise you accordingly. Our team consists of professional Chinese interpreter (Mandarin interpreter), Malay interpreter, English interpreter, Japanese interpreter, Korean interpreter, many more languages available.


We highly recommend that you consult a reputable translation company instead of freelancers to ensure a high quality translation and interpretation.