TRANSLIFE provides Conference Interpreting Equipment or Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment for rental for events in Malaysia. They can be set-up in halls, hotels, auditoriums or your own premises. The purpose of the interpretation booths is to provide a sound proof environment which cut off the sound of the presenter. Interpretation in a sound proof environment is free from distractions and this will make the interpretation clearly audible by delegates who are wearing headphones. Our expert technicians will also be available all time during the event to make sure that all the equipments are functioning and to come up with solutions for different sudden problems which may occur in the midst of event so that your event is a success.


Basically, if a simultaneous interpretation system (simultaneous translation system) is required, you should have the following:

1. Interpretation equipment (translating equipment)

2. Interpreter booths (translation booths)

3. Interpretation receivers (translation receivers)


As the leading provider of interpreting services in Malaysia, we as a supplier of simultaneous interpretation equipment, strive to fulfil the demand for high quality and modern interpretation equipment supported by fully trained and reliable technicians.


These systems include:

  • Simultaneous interpretation equipment Infrared system of CD quality sound. Interpreter booths with a choice of complete Interpreters’ booth or table-top booths. Likely to be used for event having more smaller controlled crowds. 
  • Simultaneous interpretation equipment Frequency Modulation system with audio quality similar to tuning to a radio station using a FM receiver. Interpreter booths with a choice of complete Interpreters’ booth or table-top booths. Likely to be used in event for 10,000 or more delegates.

Acting as an one stop solution for your interpretation needs, we are here to take away your stress of having to deal with multiple parties for your event.

Translator Booth (Interpreter Booth)

Interpreter booth

A sound-proof booth for two or up to three people which serves to isolates the sounds between the interpreters and the conference delegates. Only a single language is allowed for each booth.

Simultaneous Interpreting System


Infrared system or frequency modulation system is available for you to choose. The audiences will listen to the interpreter's translation via their respective receivers. Each language pair will require one.

Tour Guide System (Whispering System)

TOUR guide / whisper system

Tour guide system consists of transmitters and receivers. Only suitable for interpreting at close proximity. It's commonly used during group tour or site visit. Since it's portable, it's very convenient.

Infrared (IR) or FM interpretation equipment?

When you’re holding a multilingual event, one of the major things you need to consider is how your message will reach your audience. With speakers and attendees coming from multiple countries where different languages are spoken, two things you’ll need are professional simultaneous interpreters and interpretation technology to ensure that everyone is able to listen and contribute to discussions. There are many equipment options available to facilitate language interpretation, but one of the most important decisions you will be making is the choice between two types of systems: Frequency Modulation (FM) and Infrared (IR).


Both systems enable a single interpreter (or a team of interpreters) to speak to an entire audience through earpieces that are distributed at the beginning of the event, but each has its advantages and limitations. Ultimately, the system you choose will depend on your event’s requirements, so prior to the day of, you’ll need to ask yourself a few questions:


1. Where is the event taking place?

2. How large of an area needs to be covered?

3. How many languages will be spoken?

4. Will there be competing devices and signals at the venue?


The above questions make a good starting point, but they aren’t the only ones that you’ll be faced with. Let’s look at other key items that will need addressing as you narrow down your options.